From the backyard to the world market

A side project turned into an innovative company in just a few years. Since the beginning, the focus has been on the farmer. CFS Cross Farm Solution always has an open ear for the customer and it is the attention to details that motivated our two founders to go into self-employment.

The beginnings - from youthful recklessness to independence

It was not self-employment that was the plan of the two founders Andreas Egelwolf and Leopold Rupp at the beginning: “We wanted to realize our ideas, which developed through customer inquiries, with our employer. Our ideas were not very well received and we started to develop the first machines for our wineries and also to rent them to winemakers in the area.” The customers were very satisfied with the new systems and the demand increased steadily – the starting signal for CFS Cross Farm Solution GmbH.

Agricultural technology from a new perspective

After the starting signal in 2015, the direction was set. Through the efforts to respond to customer wishes and to further develop various systems together with the customers or to solve open requirements, the inquiries, also from other areas of agricultural technology, became more and more.

Story_Bison_CFS Cross Farm Solution

From Austria to the world

However, our innovations in winegrowing, fruit growing and special crops as well as grassland and agriculture were also of interest to customers in other countries. Whether small, medium or large farm – we have solutions for every requirement and farm size. A young, motivated and well-trained team is our trump card for the realization of our goals – to relieve our farmers with the most modern technology, to be able to work in a resource-saving way and to ensure a climate-friendly supply of the world’s population.


Do you have a question about our products that could interest several people? Would you like to see one of our machines in operation? Do you want to see detailed pictures of our products? Then send us your question by mail or social media and we will create photos, videos or whatever you need and put them online.

Products for winegrowing, fruit growing and special crops

With enthusiasm and passion for products for their own winery began the story of CFS. We take the feedback and comments of farmers seriously. This results in agricultural machinery that meets the customer’s needs.  More technology, less pesticides is the right way for the future. Through flexible systems we also want to offer small and medium-sized wine and fruit farms higher economic efficiency.


Leaf cutter winegrowing CFS Cross Farm Solution

Products for agriculture, grassland and special crops

In agriculture, the signs of the times are pointing to less crop protection and more soil-conserving cultivation. Mechanical weed control, crust loosening and rapid emergence of volunteer cereals are the challenges in arable farming. A progressive farmer will adapt to these new conditions. That’s why we at CFS develop agricultural machinery that is perfectly designed to meet challenges of the future and present.